Religious Education

The mission of the catechetical program of St. Michael the Archangel Parish is to help all students and their families develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to live out their Catholic faith in ways that draw others to Christ and the Church. We seek to carry out this mission through catechesis, sacramental preparation, liturgy, and service. Our programs start with the Pre-K and run through Confirmation in the eighth grade with each grade focusing on a different aspect of our faith. Youth ministry is for teenagers in eighth through twelfth grade.

Following is a brief explanation of each year of study, from pre-K through eighth grade.

Both First Holy Communion and Confirmation, are two-year programs. Both years must be completed before the Sacrament can be administered.

We are thrilled that most of our Catechists are now certified through the diocesan Catechist Certification Program. This program requires 40 hours of study in six different areas of our faith. In addition, we have several Catechists who are in various stages of study for their certification.

Pre-K and Kindergarten
Jesus & Me!
Students are introduced to Jesus and the faith, as well as learning basic prayers. Our interactive activities include the Creation Story and Noah and the Ark. The Patron Saint is Saint Kateri.

First Grade
The ABC's of Our Faith
The focus is on prayer and the introduction of the Mass. Hands-on activities will be used to introduce Abraham and the Patriarch Joseph, as well as reviewing the stories of creation and Noah. The Patron Saint is the Blessed Mother.

Second Grade
First Holy Communion
The the focus is on the sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, and Eucharist as well as prayer. Special attention is given to the Mass. All lessons are interactive. The Patron Saint is St. Tarciuis.

Third Grade
All About Jesus
The focus is on the introduction of the Parables and Miracles of Jesus. Students also review the Mass, prayers, and the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation and the Eucharist. The Patron Saint is St. Joan of Arc.

Fourth Grade
Our Blessed Mother
The focus is on our Blessed Mother. Students will learn about her life, and apparations that have occurred since her Assumption.

Fifth Grade
The focus is an overall review of the faith. Special attention will be given to the Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church. The Patron Saint is St. Clare of Assisi.

Sixth Grade
Old Testament
The students take an in-depth tour of the Old Testament and learn about important characters that influence our faith. The students will follow the timeline of the Old Testament. The Patron Saint is St. Michael the Archangel.

Seventh Grade
Living the Faith
The students will be taking part in a video program based on lessons from Fr. Mike Schmitz. This class is supplemented with YouCat. The Patron Saints are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, the four Evangelists.

Eighth Grade
This in an on-line program with students meeting monthly for class which centers on an interactive review of the material.

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