The Sacrament of Marriage

     Planning your wedding day can seem like a daunting task, involving a large number of people and a seemingly endless array of details. But in truth your wedding ceremony is the central part of your big day. It is a sacred celebration meant to express your faith in God and your love for each other. It is, in fact, what makes you married — legally, publicly, and in the eyes of the Church.
     When you exchange your vows you publicly proclaim your unending love for each other and your intention to remain together for life. By doing so, the love you received as a gift from God becomes a gift to the whole Church and to the world. When the Church says marriage is a sacrament, it means that your visible love and faithfulness to each other become a witness and an effective sign of God's love and care for all people. Your marriage is a sacramental sign not just to each other, to family and friends, or to the Church but also to the entire world.

     We invite you to look over the Wedding Preparation Guidelines.They will assist you in preparing for your special day.
     Below you will find selections that may be chosen for the First and Second Readings during the Mass. You may chose one reading from each section. In addition, if a family member or loved one would like to be the lector for the readings we welcome them to do so.
     Feel free to chose someone from your family or friends to be the gift bearers. They will bring up the cruet of wine and the ciborium during the offertory.
     You may also choose hymns for the Mass. Feel free to contact Alex Groppe, our Director of Music, for help in finalizing your selections.
     Print out the selection form below and note your choices for the Mass or Ceremony. Be sure and give this to Father at least 2 weeks prior to the date of your wedding.

     We look forward to assisting you as you plan your very special day.

Wedding Preparation Guidelines